DROM means WAY in the kalo language

Carmina Escardó, from 1988 to 2020, working in culture management. I have walked through many lands, arts, theater, music, dance, circus and met a lot of good people, that helped me to grow. Artists, producers, organizers, technicians, all the world, I’m infinitely grateful for your welcome and professionalism.
From 2021 I have started a new time in my life, re-thinking objectives in the last part of the way.
I repeat the sentence of Oliver Sacks (when he knews that his death approached):
“There is no time for not essential” and I follow the instinct of José Saramago “Sempre chegamos onde nos esperam”, because I’m convinced that I’m in the essential part of my life and I will arrive where they are waiting for me.

So, I begin a new way, in a continous work-in-progress, with the modesty of one who is stepping on unknow terrain for the first time, but with the courage to take risk.
In this VUCA world ( volatil, unpredictable, complex and ambigous) the way is a local and global human re-definition, in strength, perserverance, the common solidarity and the peace.
Education, Arts & Culture, Research, Science, for a sustainable and social development. Without frontiers, without flags.

Author:  Jordi Urbón – digital  serie “Carmen”

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